swimwear with UV protection for girls ages 2 to TWEEN


The inspiration behind Squirtini Bikini and Fresh Betty.
From left to right: Abby Patrick, Mackenzie, Farley and Chase Boyle.

About Squirtini Bikini

As a former model for 20 years I was given a free, invaluable behind the scenes education with regards to designing, pattern making, fitting, etc.
Never did I think that I would take what I learned by default and launch a girls' swimwear line known today as Squirtini Bikini.

I'm the mother to three daughters which automatically makes me an avid consumer of children's products. I recognized a void in the TWEEN marketplace when I couldn't find what I needed when my 7th grader outgrew the girls' department and had no where to land except the adult section.
This is how I found my niche in a seasonal, specialized market.
I dove head first into the Miami Swim Show in July 2012 where I launched
my first collection and have been treading water in the ocean of swim
ever since.
Squirtini Bikini is a fashion-forward, age-appropriate girls' swimwear line created to fill the void in the Tween and Juniors marketplace. Our flattering, feminine suits cater to a girls’ continuously evolving and maturing body, mind & spirit.
Squirtini Bikini allows girls to be confident and comfortable in their own skin during the “awkward” stage of transforming from girl to adolescent.

Squirtini has a silhouette for every body type. Moms can relax when their
6th, 7th & 8th grader outgrows the girls department. Both moms’ and daughters' needs will be met when they find unique, modest, hip, quality suits that let a TWEEN express her maturing, independent sense of style.
Each collection contains a bevy of vibrant prints along with solid 
mix-and-match separates in a kaleidoscope of colors. Girls can reincarnate 
suits from seasons past with reversible tops, bandeaus and solid bottoms, showcasing the true fashionista within.
I was raised on Florida’s Gulf Coast and currently reside at the Jersey Shore 
the beach has always been my home away from home. I've always had a drawer filled with swimwear. A bathing suit accompanied by flip flops was my uniform. Being married to an avid surfer constantly in pursuit of waves has led me to countless tropical destinations, all of which have influenced and inspired my designs. Having three daughters 3 different ages, shapes and sizes highlighted the void in the girls' swimwear marketplace. When I couldn’t find what I needed I created it and birthed two more babies, Squirtini Bikini followed by
Fresh Betty ...Squirtini's Big Sister brand for the former tween who is
a Teen/Young Adult.

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me at:

"Beach Your Children Well"